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Bars come in multipe colors
Strong Magnets
Much stronger and larger bars and Balls
Good gifts for children
Popuplar promotionitems

magnetic intelligence-developping toys are made of straight magnetic stick, curved magnetic stick, iron ball, magnetic board, and other parts. Players can build out of them any models they like that their imagination  can suggest, Such as plane, cannon, bridge, house, high heels, cup-anything that they can think of, That's why we say this is a kind of  toys that can develop children's  intelligence.


1 With this kit , you will explore how magnetics work by constructing unique design , at all.
2 The strong magnetic forces of stick and curved magnetic sticks , iron ball , and magnrtic board let you make letters , animal and all knids buildings
3 Making the design shown in the pictures , or using your imagination to build .
4 suitable for over 3years old childern .
5Useful tool helps students strenghten their thinking ability in terms of three-dimension and abstract items

Magnetic toy
a High quality and good sev
b Improve children' intelligent
c Good for promotioan and gift
d OEM/ODM is welcome

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